coffee quilt

By: thirdpearl

Jan 17 2011

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Category: Quilts



Quilt #2. Inspired by a particular brown fabric used in Quilt #1, this has been in my head for more than a year. (addicted to quilting? absolutely.) All the different star blocks challenge with new techniques, colours mingle like whip cream and chocolate sprinkles stirred into a mocha… (mmmmmm. mocha.) Some of the colours cause hesitation – will that look good, or stick out awkwardly? – and I’m learning to trust my gut and just go for it. If disaster strikes, there is always the seam ripper. 😉


2 comments on “coffee quilt”

  1. looks great! love the close-up pics of the coffee and chocolate, too– nice touch 😉

  2. Reminds me of a paint can I opened a few months ago… dark dark brown….looked like melted chocolate. It was a thrill to stir it, pour it, paint with it. Your quilt looks as yummy!

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