Coffee Star Quilt Top

By: thirdpearl

Mar 14 2011

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Category: Quilts

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Focal Length:5.1mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

The coffee quilt top is done! (nearly. border remains to be added.) I have batting and backing, and will baste this sucker tomorrow evening. It’s not perfect – many lines are not straight (or rather, not square). I’ve realized I am not a terribly precise quilter, and that this doesn’t bother me; I’ve realized I prefer shading with colours, rather than pattern repetition, to create an idea. Most of all, I’ve realized how addicted to quilting I am! I have ideas for #3 already…


One comment on “Coffee Star Quilt Top”

  1. Really lovely! The punch of burgundy is perfect.

    I looked briefly at the green you sent and I think it will be perfect. Got my sewing machine back yesterday so am ready start cutting and piecing and to put it all together.

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