the coffee quilt progresses

By: thirdpearl

May 21 2011

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Category: Crafts, Quilts

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Slow but diligent progress on the coffee star quilt. I’ve finished all the stars and pulled out the basting stitches, and now am working on the in-between bits. I thought first to do galaxy spirals in the empty spots, but that seemed a cluttered idea when I laid it out and really looked at it. There are lots of angles in the quilted stitches and lots of straight lines in the patchwork top; gazing at it, I couldn’t imagine spirals on top of that. Flipping it over provided more inspiration – the stars are quilted with light thread and are pleasantly visible on the marbled brown backing. It instantly became clear that blocking the in-between bits into larger sections and quilting straight lines like latitude marks (or the connect-the-dots constellation outlines on star charts) was the way to go. I’ve been quilting from the back, lines marked with bright green painter’s tape to keep them even and straight. So far, so good!


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