By: thirdpearl

Jul 02 2011

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Category: Crafts, Etc, Geekery

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[I must preface this by saying: I am a huge geek. Sci-fi, gadgets, classical music, tech, space, you name it.] Last weekend I attended the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire, and was thoroughly inspired by all of it – so many incredibly creative and inventive people, sharing their passion and excitement for making. (3D printers blew my mind!) I’ve been following the development of ‘soft circuits’ – textile items with circuitry sewn in – for a while, utterly intrigued at the potential applications. So how excited was I to find the booth of Polymath Design Lab? Positively giddy! I came home with an electronic sewing starter kit, and this morning, inspiration struck. I sewed myself a Dalek flashlight with a pressure switch! (did I mention I’m a huge geek? I love Doctor Who. Perhaps a bit obsessively. I own two sonic screwdrivers. [and a tiny TARDIS. and red lego-ish Daleks. {and if I could travel in time and space, I wouldn’t be blogging right now…}])

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