Furniture Construction

By: thirdpearl

Jul 06 2011

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Category: Crafts, Etc

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I built myself a bench the other day. There isn’t space in here for any kind of couch or couch-like furniture, and I had yet to see something that fits my needs – a window seat, taller than usual, wide enough to curl up on cross-legged, potential for storage underneath. I’d been using a bench-like shelving unit base for a seat, but 7 months of too-short-too-narrow finally got to me. (and it. i think it’s tired of bums.) Two trips to Home Depot, one to Ikea, much screwdrivering, hacksawing, reconfiguring design plans, and elbow grease, and now I have the perfect bench! it’s 22” tall, 24” wide, 48” long. I upholstered it, too. Working with my hands and tools and wood to build something for myself, something sturdy and functional and not bad to look at – I love it.


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