Trapunto / Whitework

By: thirdpearl

Jul 27 2011

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Category: Crafts, Quilts

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As a creative person, I feel it’s valuable to have a sense of curiosity and adventure – to try things for the sake of trying them, without worrying if it’s going to work, or questioning why you’re trying it. The important thing is the practice of trying, of making studies, of giving it a go. I’ve been intrigued by whitework quilting for a while, and before I go off attempting something large (like what my imagination would like to do), I figured I’d try something small. And while I’m fiddling with white on white, why not add another bit of adventure and try the technique of Trapunto – stuffed bits of quilting!

This study is a little bit of stitch-sketching (next time i will draw the design on instead of winging it), a little bit of spatial imagination (which bits to stuff and how high), and good practice to make smaller and more consistent stitches. The background will be densely quilted to enhance the raised areas. Perhaps I should’ve done that before stuffing areas of it, but I was too curious!


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