Quilting Lessons

By: thirdpearl

Aug 10 2011

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Category: Crafts, Geekery, Quilts

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Focal Length:5.1mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Quilt #3 is roaring ahead happily, and it’s teaching me a lot along the way. First lesson: making a quilt without any 90 or 45 degree angles is a great puzzle. Second lesson: math is important, even when one is adventurously winging it and creating something from imagination. Third lesson: I need to be patient and pay more attention to math *before* winging it by imagination.

The focus of this quilt is 6-point daffodils (a variation of the Lone Star pattern, normally it has 8 points; I did math for that part) on a field of green diamonds with the same geometry. I made one flower larger than the rest, for visual interest, but neglected to think about the mathematical relationship of it to the smaller flowers and to the green diamonds, and the disparity between the three puzzled me for a few days. How to fix the problem without destroying the geometric harmony of the background? The solution is to add a border to the flowers, to bring them into relation with the green diamonds. The added bonus of this is that the border will visually define the flowers more than they otherwise would have been.

Fourth lesson: keep and open mind, and be willing to alter the original idea – creative endeavours have an organic way of developing themselves as they progress.

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