Quilt #3: Completion

By: thirdpearl

Oct 30 2011

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Category: Crafts, Etc, Quilts


Quilt #3 is done! (Better pictures will come soon!)

Yesterday was a marathon and I haven’t yet estimated how many hundred inches my hands stitched over, but it is probably either an insane or staggering number. (viewpoint dependent on if you’re a quilter or not.) Finished size is roughly 60” x 80”.

It’s called “An Ode To New Beginnings”. Daffodils, for me, represent renewal and refreshing life – springtime when the world warms and starts to grow again, the landscape changes and brightens and comes alive. This is a material expression of my inner world – the state of starting over and starting fresh, renewing one’s self.

I don’t know if other quilters attach as much personal meaning to their projects. I find it hard not to – the time spent designing and cutting and sewing and pressing and stitching requires that one be invested in it far more than simply ‘making something pretty’. I have nothing against making pretty things – there are quilts on my mind that are simple and fast and pretty, and someday they will come to be. It’s just the ones that come from an inner-brain itch that is driven by large feeling and the need to express something, those are an investment of mind and soul. This represents a chapter of my life, 3.5 months of positive renewal. Life is good.


2 comments on “Quilt #3: Completion”

  1. Yup, that brain itch….I know it well. Beautiful quilting.

  2. i like the brain itch. it means something is happening, something good.

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