Still Life With Scanner

By: thirdpearl

Feb 08 2012

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I frequently must scan things for submission with my school assignments. It’s usually late at night after marathon hours of paper-writing, which means a loopy brain and small explosions of goofy creativity. So, I’m starting a series – “Still Life With Scanner”.

I have an old Epson flatbed scanner. It sounds like an emphysemic elephant. eeeeeee-squeeeeeeiiiiii-errr-err-err-heeeeeeehhhhhhhh-err-err-err-ooooooooooooohhhhh-err-err-err-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeettt. It was free, one of those “use this for a movie prop, it’s probably broken” items my ex acquired and I ended up resuscitating. I am happy its journey led to me – for though its noise is shocking, it is also amusing, and after many hours of writing it is a great silly joy to grab whatever is near and turn it noisily into curious art.

These spools of colourful thread are what I’m using on the stitch-sketch project, which is slowly happening and looking fantastic and yes someday maybe soon I will post a picture of it. Maybe. I want to finish more so it’s actually discernable what it is. Stay tuned.

One comment on “Still Life With Scanner”

  1. You are similar to me, I’m suppressing my quirkiness on my blog, maybe I’ll just create a project on instead! Happy scanning…x Where did I find you – well had an email from Shootabout, which led me to Arley Seth Hendrich (96arley) on Twitter which led me to your Thirdpearl tweet about Valentine’s Day, and then your blog and Pearl’s Fancy! wham bam. I always wonder what the trail was…I’m @sarahlaurel on Twitter…Have a great week!

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