Quilt #4 Begins

Can’t keep a quilter from quilting! I ached to sew. My stash called to me. The colours taunted me. Ideas haunted me. And so, I sew.

Multiple trips to the quilt shop, finally the colours are right. Sometimes you need just that right shade, but you don’t realize it until you’re about to sew in a wrong shade and can’t bring yourself to do it because it just.. doesn’t.. look.. right. It’s not about perfectionism – I don’t believe in perfect – it’s about it being what it needs to be. I really wanted to use a certain greenish blue, but couldn’t sew it on. It wasn’t right. I struggled. Hemmed and hawed. Hit the shop again, swatches in hand. Ended up finding the right shade, and instantly knew it was the one. Love at third sight? Love when you are finally ready to see what had previously been rejected? I’d seen the fabric before, liked it, didn’t think it went. But it does. Amazingly so. There’s still a purple I’m questioning, but I know I won’t know it’s yes or no until there’s a block ready to go. Perhaps the spontaneous and haphazard method of choosing is unorthodox. Not for me. Adaptation is the name of the game. Think on your feet. Don’t be afraid to change the plan. Be open to and easy about changing the plan. (the quilt shop lady looked at me askew when i said “i’m not opposed to changing *that* one if there’s something that makes magic with *this* one.”  she said “you’re brave.” we searched the store and found magic.) Go with your gut. Trust.

The best part is that it’s turning out just as I imagined. Better, even.


One comment on “Quilt #4 Begins”

  1. I like your mindset towards your quilting work of adapting to things that may need changing. It shows a sign of an open mind and yes, courage. I come from a family of quilters (my Mom, Grandma, and Aunt) and they all seem pretty stubborn when things don’t work out the way they expected them to. I’m looking forward to a pic of your latest creation.

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