Quilt #4: A Sneak Peek

Sneak peek! The quilt top is assembled! I haven’t been able to get a nice picture of it yet – it’s too heavy to pin to the Vertical Assembly Sheet (technical name; twas enormously handy, see the leftmost image), and I haven’t a large enough expanse of floor space to lay it out without moving furniture around (see the rightmost image). Also I’d like to photograph it in daylight, which hasn’t been possible since I finished it. (which was only last night. centre image is the pile of trimming carnage.) Tomorrow I’ll hang it in front of the window and get its stained glass portrait. And then… ze basting begins.

I’m ridiculously happy with this quilt. Gleefully proud! It turned out just how I imagined – which isn’t saying much, specifically, because I’ve realized that I imagine in essences and hazy maybes that filter through creative evolution. This started as a messy crayon sketch inspired by a NASA photo, passed through my stash and several fabric shops collecting colours, endured being laid out and rearranged and hung on the wall and stared at and rearranged some more, and was finally polished by baroque music’s consistent structures and the end goal of “queen size,” aka “really gigantic,” as it has ended up. It’s beautiful. And mine. Stay tuned.



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