Quilt #5: Coastal Winter – done!

By: thirdpearl

Jan 12 2013

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Category: Crafts, Quilts

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Finished just in time – it’s my friend’s birthday today. Soon this beauty will be snuggling its intended owner, keeping her warm through what’s left of this coastal winter, and those yet to come.

Though this is abstract, every person who has seen it so far picks up on the beach essence of it. One friend thought the quilted circles were seashells (they’re meant to be ripples from raindrops); another thought the triangles were fish (they represent waves and the elements of beach – sand, driftwood, sea glass, seaweed, surf). Both interpretations work, and I’m quite happy that it strikes the right mood on its own.

Aside: Quilting in big circles is challenging. I had it on a narrow & long scroll frame at first, which was cumbersome and awkward, but worked for the smaller rounds. The larger ones were done without a frame, using only a makeshift radial guide (a pinned ribbon). They’re a bit wobbly. Quilting without a frame was not as difficult as expected, though; were I to do a straight-line-quilted-in-the-ditch project, I might consider foregoing the frame throughout.

Further aside: I really enjoy stitching binding. It’s so snug and satisfyingly complete.



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