A Different Sort of Sewing

By: thirdpearl

Jan 27 2013

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Category: Crafts, Etc, Other Sewing

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For this quilter, garments are foreign territory. I’ve sewn very few things to wear, very few of which I actually wore. (2 coats and a few costumes saw daylight. many awful skirts did not.) But. A dear friend with an unconventional style is getting married, and asked me to bring her colourful idea into reality. I’m thoroughly honoured she’s asked me to collaborate on such an important dress! Honoured and excited and while nearly terrified of not being able to do this justice, ready for the adventure. The turquoise shades above are for the muslin draft, not the final dress; I first tried a draft with some polyester that has the same drape, but it was a static monster and terribly bulky and I wasn’t happy with the result. So for the first iteration that will be to the bride’s measurements, I’m using silk crepe de chine, which is what we decided upon in a fabric shopping/idea gathering adventure last year. It’s much lighter and less bulky and is working a lot better for the design.

I have great respect for people who sew clothing by instinct and with ease. This stuff is difficult! I guess it doesn’t help that instead of just using a ready-made pattern, I’m creating something from scratch… but in a way, this is a better experience – I really have to think about *how* pieces fit together to do what they’re supposed to do. I have to understand how to adapt something to fit someone else’s body. I’m going to sew this by hand, I think; the thought of sewing such delicate fabric on my machine is a headache in the making. By hand I’ll maintain control over pucker and stretch and alignment and all things like that. (so many pieces have bias edges and stretch like crazy.) Sounds like a herculean task, I know… but I feel I’ll learn more by having to be precise and patient. I want to do this justice. My dear friend deserves no less!


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