By: thirdpearl

Feb 18 2013

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On a walk in Stanley Park (which I sometimes refer to as my back yard, as it is just a few minutes walk over that way *points westward*), between winter rain showers, I found this lovely string of droplets. Beautiful. I am eager for spring to arrive – the brief glimpses of sunshine we’ve had lately are teasing and short-lived, too soon replaced with the unflinchingly grey and dripping sky. (On my walk home today it struck me that the sky was one unvarying shade of grey, perfectly even in tone. One of those shadowless days. Really – no shadows, save for a diffuse and only vaguely darker tone underneath static objects like trees and cars. It’s eerie if you think about it too much. But maybe that’s the lack of sunlight getting to me.) Soon there will be daffodils. Soon!

The dress project continues, successfully. The design changes I made before cutting the silk were effective, and I’ve made a couple more that will be incorporated into the actual dress. They aren’t crucial structurally and don’t affect the fitting draft, but will be lovely for the actual dress. I’m curious how much fuller the skirt will be with a heavier weight silk… at the moment, it’s incorporating nearly 5 metres of fabric and isn’t nearly as full as I expected. But this is very thin silk, so I hope with denser fabric it’ll have enhanced swirl and fullness. Either that or I make a ruffly underskirt. We shall see.

The quilt project (#4) is temporarily halted while the dress is in progress. Paused though it’s stitching may be, it is still a cozy beast under which I have had many naps lately. The perk of being a quilter! (Its warmth staves off the dreary chill of February grey. And goodness, is the wool batting ever warm!)



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