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Apr 17 2013

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For lack of crafting pictures, here’s one from the dike trail in Richmond (BC). It was Easter Monday, beautifully sunny, insanely windy. A flock of Canada Geese flew over shortly after this – all of them honking and flapping and causing a ruckus. (if that’s not what a flock of canada geese is called, it should be.) The wind off the ocean smelled of freshness and possibility. New. Springtime.

Life has been busy of late. New work horizons expanding, crafty horizons shrinking away. I am struggling to restore and protect the balance, as I have acutely felt how important it is to me to be fuelled by creativity and not by angst. (angst has been dominating. not good.) So though this space has been sorely neglected these last few months, I am renewed in intent to give more attention and energy to sharing the things I get up to and into. It’s not that I haven’t been doing creative things in the past few too-busy months, I just haven’t been in a mood to productively share my thoughts. Exhaustion and frustration do that. Also, the things I’ve been doing are slow moving and sometimes-secret projects that don’t lend themselves to posts at the moment, which in itself is frustrating. It’s been a big feedback loop of angst, and I’m moving to change that. I’ve reclaimed my mid-week craft day (it had been lost to the sea of business busy-ness) and am fuelling up the creative tanks.

While I’m here, how about an update on the things that have been going on?

– Quilt #4 is progressing well! Slowly, of course, as hand quilting goes, but I’m thrilled with it. (many naps have been had under it, though it’s still in progress. [quilter’s prerogative!])

– The top-secret dress project fits the intended recipient astonishingly well, and we’re fabric shopping for the actual dress in a couple weeks. SO EXCITED!

– Savoy cabbage makes awesome crinkly sauerkraut. Purple cabbage makes strange sauerkraut. Seville oranges truly are the best for marmalade.

– A semi-regular craft night has been going on at my place, and it’s great. (Last time, I did my pile of mending.) It’s brilliant how the presence of another person keeps one focused and on task, and giving dedicated time to (often tedious) craft work breaks through procrastination. No wonder the ladies of yesteryear frequently had quilting bees and sewing bees!





One comment on “Horizons”

  1. Incredible view. Love it. 😀

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