Top Secret

By: thirdpearl

May 11 2013

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The Dress. It’s happening. Two weeks ago we (the bride, her mom, and I) went on an expedition and procured 24 yards of silk. 20 colours. (yes. twenty.) Tonight I started the assembly. It’s much easier this time, knowing what I’m doing – or rather, knowing a little bit more of what to do and what to improve to make the vision a reality. I still feel I have no idea what I’m doing – it’s just happening before my eyes, by my hands, and the more I trust myself, the more magical the experience.

I learn by necessity. This project demanded I learn to draft a simple pattern to someone else’s measurements. It requested that I become acquainted with the pertinent measurements, and their relationships; it urged that I have patience and savour the math involved in translating those measurements to the simple pattern. (forgot how much i enjoy practical math.) I was rewarded with the first draft fitting extremely well (much to my surprise!), and the experience to know what adjustments were needed to improve some areas. (more length, top and bottom. all other dimensions were spot on. i’m floored.) 

I can’t wait to share pictures of the process and finished dress! But it has to wait. I can’t risk the groom stumbling upon the ol’ blog and peeking – he wants to be surprised, and I respect that. He knows it’s colourful, and that it’s very much suited to his bride. And is it ever! 




One comment on “Top Secret”

  1. I love how you maximize life by showing it from a minimal point of life.

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