Nuts and Bolts

By: thirdpearl

May 26 2013

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Category: Etc, Geekery

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It’s been intermittently slow at work, so I took the opportunity to rearrange and reorganize and sift through ten years of shelf contents – the sort of “shove it on that shelf and put it off til later” contents that one denies the existence of until one needs something and then finds rage and frustration instead of the thing sought. (once, last year, i needed a nail. i couldn’t find one. another time, i needed several matching length screws and i don’t want to admit how long it took to find them. turns out we have a lot, they just weren’t in any sensible place.) The shelves of bigger things didn’t take too long to arrange, but the three tiny-drawers-of-hardware units took many days to sort. Yes, days. Sorting screws and nuts and bolts and nails and bits and bobs and washers and flotsam and jetsam.

I find repetitive tasks very calming. The kind of task where your mind splits in half, one side focused completely on a detail-oriented task and the other side left wandering and pondering the mysteries of the universe. I categorized all the hardware in my hands and in my mind I built robots and repaired space ships and wondered after all my past and future time streams, the possibilities of the paths not taken.

There is great feeling of accomplishment in the reigning in of disorganized chaos. All the little drawers are now full of equal length bits, equal diameter bobs, similarly used flotsam and jetsam. Peaceful, isn’t it?


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