By: thirdpearl

May 31 2013

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Category: Crafts, Etc, Other Sewing

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Pardon the substandard photograph… I’m still in the midst of the top-secret Dress Project and though I really, really, REALLY want to share photos of that, I can’t. Yet. Suffice to say that it is the most astonishing thing I’ve ever made and I am genuinely blown away that this is coming from my wellsprings of creativity. The process of making it is this magical trance-like state that I can’t satisfactorily articulate. Like there’s an autopilot program in my brain that I didn’t know existed and that kicks into action without much thought when faced with yards of fabric, sewing machine, and an end goal. “Oh, yup, OK, I know what to do here. You other thinkin’ brain just go over there and listen to podcasts or tv or whatever you’ve got on for noise, I’ve got this. Check in later.” And suddenly I wake up and realize in astonishment what I’ve accomplished. Much like those naps where you swear you were asleep only 4 minutes but it was really 5 hours, except replace “nap” with “vaguely aware what’s all been happening with your hands”.

Anyway. I have the day off work and am sewing up a storm on The Dress, in preparation for the fitting tomorrow. (wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!) Spending the day in my sunny apartment got me thinking about workspaces, and how thankful I am for this tiny, creative space. This is the first place I’ve had all to myself! Previously I lived with parents, and then with a boyfriend… no space was ever truly my own, until now. All the things I’ve made here, experimented with, created, imagined – they fill my entire being with a glowing joy. That I can make a huge mess, leave projects out to stare at and contemplate, arrange furniture how I please, and also use furniture as I please (marring my worktable with tools, using the couch as a pin cushion, etc), it’s all so liberating and expansive. I’ve been here a couple years now and I’m still getting used to the idea that I can do anything I please in my own home. There are no limits, really. And no judgement. And so, for the last couple weeks my worktable has been much as above, plus some pens and paper and books and umpteen yards of brilliantly coloured silk in various states of assembled. It’s pure happiness.


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