By: thirdpearl

Jun 25 2013

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In lieu of craft photos, I give you: my apartment’s view. Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain – status quo for Vancouver, I’m afraid. June has been mostly miserable. Perfect sewing weather, though, for then I don’t feel terrible spending beautiful sunny summer days inside. And sew I have, my goodness! The Dress is almost done. Almost. Over the weekend I hemmed it – 60 FEET of hem. About 6 hours trimming and pinning and sewing. Maybe that’s an obscenely long time for a hem, but there are contributing factors. a) SIXTY FEET OF HEM!! b) I do not hem very well; c) instead of a regular folded hem, I decided to trim the edge in a bright colour, quilt-binding style; d) I took my time to make it neat with top stitching; e) SIXTY FEET!! When I laid out the trimmed strip of hem refuse, it stretched from one end of my apartment to the other and 3/4 the way back. Now, I don’t have very a large space, but that’s pretty incredible for a tea-length dress!

Last night I attempted to make the crinoline layer. I readied the material and thought I’d test out the ruffler foot I bought (for $10) years ago, only to discover it’s for a different style machine – mine is a low shank, this is for a higher shank. Curses! Clearly I don’t ruffle things, ever, or this would’ve been discovered long ago. I guess I’m getting very closely acquainted with hand-gathers and pins tonight. 30 feet of hand gathers and pins. Yeehaw!

I’m dying to post pictures of this whole process. It’s continually astonishing to me that this has all come together so beautifully and successfully. The wedding is in just under 3 weeks, so you shan’t have to wait much longer to see the results.


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