Pins. So Many Pins.

By: thirdpearl

Jun 30 2013

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Pins. Pins pins pins! The most tedious (and probably helpful) part of sewing garments. I don’t usually use them when I quilt, because the pieces are small and manageable. But this… pin it flat, pin it securely, pin it together, pin it in gathers, pin pieces out of the way… and then stop the machine every inch to pull the pins out so they don’t get sewn over! That has to be the most tedious part. I am having to gather the crinoline fluff by hand and pin it in place – last layer used ALL the pins – and though it’s not a very long length of stitching it took probably 5 times longer to sew due to removing the pins as I went along. (boy do i ever need a ruffle foot.) It’s such a different way of sewing for me and I find myself occasionally at the end of my usually-boundless patience. (many breaks have been taken.)

It feels like I’ve been working on this dress for years – and though the design and drafts took a bit of time, the actual final dress has only taken 2 months. For what it is and the fact that I’m learning as I go, 2 months seems like a rather short period of time. Anyway. I’m very excited for the bride to see/wear the finished product, and hopefully there aren’t many last-minute alterations!



One comment on “Pins. So Many Pins.”

  1. Congrats to all and hoping to see some fantastic projects in the future!

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