By: thirdpearl

Jul 09 2013

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For matters of secrecy, we’re still in black & white. Colour will return soon, I promise. (and WILL IT EVER!)

Last night I finished the bride’s bouquet. Several techniques combined, some experimenting, plenty of embroidery thread and a half-pound of floral wire later… this gorgeous thing! It kind of looks like a brain when desaturated… hm. Well, I assure you it doesn’t look brain-like in glorious technicolour.

Things I Learned:

– spray starch is a great thing for non-sewing fabric projects.

– starched silk crepe de chine turns to the texture of crepe paper streamers. (Neat!)

– when sewing at the beach, one is advised to rotate periodically to avoid a lopsided one-shoulder burn. (Oops!)

– floral wire is *awesome*.

My dear friends will be married this Saturday, and then you shall see the dress and bouquet in all their happiest light. I’m completely in awe of this entire project – that she asked me to do this, she trusted me to do it, that it actually worked, and that it’s finished! Amazing. Totally amazing.



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