The Big Reveal

By: thirdpearl

Jul 15 2013

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From sketch to ceremony, here is The Dress!

Though I’ve previously written about the process of this dress, I now can’t find the words to express how I feel at its completion. Gratitude, warmth, love. She trusted me, I trusted myself; I learned, I grew. I laughed when things worked, I happy-danced around the dress form, I excitedly talked about the sewing and progress and (somewhat gleefully, somewhat regretfully) said to those who asked, “It’s top-secret, I can’t show you pictures yet.” I patiently ripped stitches when things went wrong, I patiently hand-sewed spots where the machine couldn’t go. I trimmed, I tacked, I tried, I played. Every stage was a new thrill, “I can’t believe this is working, I can’t believe it’s me doing it!” Doubt tried to creep in, but trust and awe drowned it out.

The wedding was Saturday. Everything was beautiful, joyful, loving, and happy.

Amongst the dropped jaws of people who asked if I’m a seamstress and received the answer that no, I’ve never made anything like this in my life, was the best comment I could ever receive: “She told me what the dress was going to look like, and I couldn’t imagine it… but it’s exactly as she described, and more beautiful than I could’ve ever imagined. It fits her and suits her so perfectly.”

I’m still in awe.


2 comments on “The Big Reveal”

  1. You’ve done some amazing things, but never in a million years would I have imagined you doing this. The dress was a beautiful creation. How wonderful to have such a trusting friend.

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