Quilt #2 – Photo Surprise

By: thirdpearl

Jul 26 2013

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Category: Etc, Quilts

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I somehow ended up with my Dad’s old 1970’s Voigtlander fixed lens film camera, and have been slowly learning to use it. Slowly being the operative word – I just had a roll of film developed that had been in there for 2 years! Every once and a while I’d bring it along on an adventure and take a couple shots, though not frequently enough to remember what all might be on the roll. I’m happy to report that more than half the roll turned out acceptably well, with a few shots being quite good for a beginner. (i’m still learning f-stops and accurate estimating of distance to the subject. it isn’t through-the-lens viewing so sometimes focus is a hearty guess.)

This photo in particular was a warm, welcome surprise. I stopped by the photo shop on my way home from teaching a piano lesson, still thinking of the hour spent with a hilarious, unfocussed, rambunctious, bright, patience-testing student, and feeling grateful for the experience of teaching him. He learns at a very different pace than my previous students. He also learns in a very unique way that tests my adaptability and improvisation and kid-focussing skills. Sometimes I feel like nothing I say is sinking in, but then the next week it turns out he remembered most of it, and I am reminded to keep patience and to trust that all things go at their own pace, whether or not I agree with that pace. This particular student is an energetic reminder that the slow life is good – that not everything needs to be scheduled and regimented. Progress happens as progress decides. So, as I was feeling all these reminders, I was flipping through the stack of photographic memories and landed upon this photo of a quilt I gave to someone important in my life. Someone who helped me learn that patience is an invaluable virtue, who instilled in me the practice of listening to life for lessons and finding meaning in small things. Seeing it again, in a medium requiring patience and learning and experimentation and “letting go” (in that “i have no idea what i’m doing but i’m doing it anyway!” way) was particularly timely and enforced the reminders in the best way possible.



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