Birds on the Brain

By: thirdpearl

Aug 11 2013

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Category: Quilts

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I found this cute bird block in an old quilting magazine and decided it was a good small test to get back into piecing after the last few months’ Adventures in Garment Land. Conveniently, it’s a scrap-buster – all the pieces are 2” wide! I catalogue my scraps by width, so it was relatively easy to dive right in and not think too hard about colour selection. Whatever was in there that went together was used. (yes. catalogue. in drawers. i am a resourceful quilter who wastes very little.)

Clearly I need to be more attentive to seam width and point matching, but otherwise, this was a nice afternoon project. It’s the inspiration for #7, for a dear friend who loves birds. Except instead of the usual grid (who wants a grid of birds? not me!), I want to put them into a tree. Lots of triangles are in the future, I think. Little leafy triangles. First, though, the challenge quilt… I have a self-set deadline to have it pieced and basted by Oct 3. Better get on that, now that the engines are revving again!



One comment on “Birds on the Brain”

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