Quilt #6: Beginning the Challenge

By: thirdpearl

Sep 14 2013

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Category: Crafts, Quilts


Focal Length:5.1mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

It has begun! I finally started the challenge quilt! My goal is to have this basted and ready to quilt by October 1st. It won’t be very large… I think probably 44” x 44”. A kid’s quilt, in size and subject. The colours and patterns are so bold and geometric and primary – I feel a little out of my comfort zone, to be honest; though on the other hand it’s quite fun to put bold next to bold without hesitation. All the selections are of the same vibrancy and purity of hue. Some kid is going to love this…

The process here is very slap-dash. I don’t have a pattern. I have a sketch, coloured with crayons (fitting, eh), lots of oddly dimensioned frames cut from the source fabric, and a loose idea of how much of each colour/shade to use. I’m cutting as I go; nothing is prepared in advance except the source fabric. It requires math and estimation skills, and a good dose of creative adaptation. Quite fun, actually.


2 comments on “Quilt #6: Beginning the Challenge”

  1. Good luck! Be sure to post the finished product.

  2. Looks like a fun project. 🙂

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