Another Wee Adventure Break

By: thirdpearl

Jan 05 2014

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Category: Crafts, Etc

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Focal Length:3.53mm
Camera:T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide

In lieu of anything crafty, here’s a close up of the Monet water lilies panel in the Portland Art Museum’s permanent collection. I recently took a short solo trip (pilgrimage, really) to see this – impressionism is my favourite, and to be so close as to see brush strokes…! – and ended up entirely inspired by most of the abstract and contemporary art on display. So many ideas for structure and colour use! I think I might do some small studies in the coming weeks.  (sidenote: if you find yourself at this museum, do visit the native peoples’ section – the beadwork and weaving collections are stunning. i mean, everything there is interesting, but that collection is impressive, respectful, and well curated.)

Last post I said I was renewing a commitment to post here more often, and then I disappeared for two months. (again.) In truth, I did think about posting, but I’ve been feeling like a creative hermit lately – doing many things and sharing few. There’s a restructuring happening internally and I’ve been feeling a desire for artistic solitude in discovery, fuelled by time spent with people who motivate me to push my limits and boundaries of comfort. It’s part of a larger shift in my life, one which is acting in backlash mode against the social media / self promotion trend that appears to have taken over modern society. I started this blog on the wave of that trend, with ideas of a crafting brand and all that stuff. At the time, it filled a function in my life. But in the three years since this began, I’ve changed, followed different paths, and discovered that my values tend towards a much bigger, deeper sense of the world; one that doesn’t require frequent posting or rely on the short adrenaline high of validation-by-likes. I still feel driven to share inspiration and process and thoughts on the philosophy of craft, but how that will again be applied to this morphing relationship between me and my art, I have no idea. My context is changing and I have only a hazy vision of where this will lead. Exciting, no?


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