Yangshuo (2)

By: thirdpearl

Jun 27 2014

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Category: Travel Photography

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Focal Length:5.1mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

We walked out of town one day, away from the tourist trap markets of trinkets and aggressive shopkeepers and into rural China. Real China. Cows and chickens on the side of the road, grazing to their hearts’ content. Venerated graves of ancestors in the middle of fields and on hillsides, buried on the land they worked and (one presumes) loved. The people of the countryside, working their fields and plots, arrived there by vintage and much-repaired one-speed bicycles. An idyllic description of what otherwise might be viewed as poverty, perhaps; but the calmness of the area was very present. These people have what they need, and do what they do. The striving of western life was absent. Refreshingly absent.

I have a difficult time articulating exactly the shift in perspective this photograph represents for me. A recalibration of values, I suppose. It’s something I am still processing, 2 months later.

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