New Tools

New camera! Mirrorless micro-four-thirds with vintage lenses!

For a very long time I’ve wanted to play with photography – and by “play” I mean “goof around and learn by experimentation.” Film is attractive, but lacks immediacy. DSLRs are heavy and cost-prohibitive to the goofing-around interest. (I’ve borrowed both and not wanted either for my own.) Micro-four-thirds/mirrorless cameras are small, comparatively affordable, and more amenable to the adaptation of old lenses. I got mine on Monday, and I’m already in love – the vintage lenses are all manual, so I have no choice but to learn to shoot without the assistance of auto- anything. It’s liberating and perfectly what I wanted and SO FUN! (I think I just like doing things the hard way.)

My intention is to thrift and scavenge at flea markets for old lenses. So far I have two (from ebay), and I’ll use them in a heartbeat over the kit lens. They have so much character – the photo above is with this old tank of a lens made in the USSR; the focus ring is stiff and slow, requiring patience and estimation of distance, and some bodily wavering to find the focal point. It’s brilliant, and beautiful, and I just love that these pictures take much more contemplation to capture.


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