Lost Forever…

By: thirdpearl

Jul 26 2014

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Category: Photography

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Shutter:1/0 sec

…to the world of macro photography. Perhaps this blog should be retitled “Right Up Close To Things (That Are Fairly Often Flowers)”?

I figured out the trick to the close-up filter: f-8. It’s the best depth of field for this sort of thing, evidently. Smaller f-stops are too shallow. I didn’t try larger f-stops; I imagine they’d be adequate as well but further playing will discover just how that would affect the beautifully unfocused background.

Up next in the adventures of macro: a ginormous 70-210mm zoom/macro beast I picked up at the flea market. (It weighs just shy of a kilogram. ONE KILO OF LENS! Egadz!) Thing is, if I can get results like the above from a light little 135mm prime and a filter, why do I need ONE KILO of lens? Is it any better? Is it more fun? I don’t know yet. It needs bright light and I haven’t been outside with it yet. We shall find out soon. Also in the test pipeline: reversing lenses. I’ve hacked something together to reverse the little Russian lens, which might produce photos much like the above. I haven’t tried it yet, so stay tuned!

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