By: thirdpearl

Aug 04 2014

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Category: Geekery, Lens Construction, Photography

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I built my first lens today!

The elements were salvaged from an old HP point and shoot camera – my first digital. (a little brick of a thing, it took a while to rip apart.) I affectionately referred to it as the Junk Cam, for while being chunky and a battery drainer (AA’s, good grief) and only 3.5 MP, it took some great shots in all its quirks. (errant white balance, hyper saturation, insane contrast, overzealous zoom, etc etc.) Now it shall live on, bits of it taped to a piece of cardboard until I devise a better way to mount it.

Because the elements are so tiny, it was hard to determine the best configuration. There were three elements in the camera, but I’ve only used two. The third is very narrow on one end because the Junk Cam’s sensor was microscopic, and I couldn’t figure out how to make that work with the comparatively gigantic sensor here. Using something other than cardboard and tape for mounting might help… anyway, for now, this actually worked, and I am thrilled! The point of focus is about 3-4 cm from the subject, so one must get right up close to things (just what I like). Check the rest of the images out on Flickr!

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