Testing 03

By: thirdpearl

Sep 01 2014

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Category: Geekery, Lens Construction, Photography

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Shutter:1/0 sec

Mid-process of building something that kinda worked… here’s my photographic test subject: a tiny plastic dinosaur. (it needs a name. ideas?)

I find lens construction quite satisfying. It’s the puzzle experimentation aspect of it that draws me in – how can I take these assorted bits and make something useful? Something that produces an image in focus, or achieves some sort of artistic result? What do I have at hand to make this happen? (so far: tape, cardboard, rubber bands, other lens barrel parts, some orthodontic wax, tacking putty, floral wire, and if all goes well it’s solidified with Sugru, stuff of the DIY gods.) So fun!

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