A Windy Lens Test

By: thirdpearl

Apr 04 2015

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Category: Lens Construction, Photography

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Shutter:1/0 sec

I happened to be walking home from work the other night with my camera and one of the as-yet-quite-untested homebrew lenses, so I took the opportunity of nice evening sunshine to play a bit. Except, it was very windy. Tiny new tree buds flutter like mad in any kind of breeze and are impossible to focus on… though it sort of worked in my favour here, blurring them even more than the lens already did. Interesting!

This lens is a challenge. I think I set the front element just a tiny bit off kilter when i sugru’d it together, so the focal plane is wonky – it has a definite sweet spot, which I’ve only found a couple times. More time must be spent with it, and now that summer is around the corner, that will happen!

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