By: thirdpearl

Jul 17 2015

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Category: Geekery, Lens Construction, Photography

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I built this simple, curious monster of a lens that, amazingly, functions in two directions. It’s a tube with large and fairly equally sized elements at either end and an aperture in between, held together by masking tape, placed inside a casing tube to provide darkness to the sensor. One way it’s very close up, the other way and it’s quite far-focusing. But if you slide the element tube nearer or further within its casing tube, at a certain point you get this marvellous bokeh! It took me by surprise – I was considering scrapping the thing, as it’s kind of frustrating to use and the general image quality entirely lacked magic, but I think I’ll keep it around for a while and try to improve the usability. The magic is there, it just takes patience. As with everything.

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